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Kirk Lindsey



B.S. - Miami University - 1992 
J.D. - Capital University - 1996

Law Clerk - United States District Court Judge James L. Graham - 1996-1998
Associate Attorney - Chester, Willcox & Saxbe, LLP - 1998-2001
Assistant State Solicitor - Attorney General Betty Montgomery - 2001-2003                    
Administrative Hearing Officer - UCRC - 2003-2007
Legal Research Supervisor -  Franklin County Municipal Court - 2007-2010
Appointed Magistrate in 2010


Every person appearing in Courtroom 10B shall conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner, and shall deal with others - opposing parties or otherwise - with the same dignity with which they themselves expect to be treated.


Continuances will be freely granted if they are agreed to by the parties or if the request is the first request and has been made in compliance with Local Rule 11.03. Other continuance requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Motions & Briefs

Courtesy copies of any motion filed prior to trial and any response thereto should be delivered to the Magistrate's office before the scheduled court date for review.


Parties and counsel should explore all settlement options before trial. Settlement avoids all of the risks inherent in litigation (the risk of a defendant having a judgment entered against them, or the risk that a plaintiff will fail to meet the burden of proof and therefore recover nothing) and it puts the resolution of the dispute in the hands of the parties, rather than subjecting them to a resolution imposed by the Court. Magistrate Lindsey will do whatever possible to facilitate settlement, and the Court can schedule a mediation conference upon request.


Any document accepted as evidence will be kept with the court file. Therefore, any party wishing to submit any document into evidence should bring the original, a copy to keep for themselves, and a copy for each party in the case so they can review what is being submitted.

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