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Media Requests

The Franklin County Municipal Court strives to provide courtroom access and audio/video recordings of requested court proceedings to the media in a timely manner. 

In-Person Media Requests

Like all members of the public, members of the media are permitted to be physically present in the courtroom without prior permission. However, courtroom proceedings may only be recorded with the approval of the presiding judge. Media personnel may not distract participants, impair the dignity of the proceedings, or otherwise materially interfere with the achievement of a fair trial or hearing. Recordings, photographs, or live streams may not occur before any proceedings commence on the record or after it goes off the record.

To request in-person media access to a court proceeding, you must complete the Media Request Form and provide it to the courtroom bailiff upon arrival on the day of the hearing.

Audio/Video Media Requests

Recordings are not available for all proceedings and a recording is not an official record. Audio/Video Recording Requests will be completed by Court staff and a link to the requested recording with instructions will be sent to the email address provided.

To obtain an official record for an appeal or other purpose, you must Request a Transcript.

For all other media inquiries, public records or information requests, contact:


Jodi Andes, Public Information Officer
Phone: (614) 621-9389

Request an Audio/Video Recording

Case Information

e.g., 2020 TRD 12345. If you do not know the case number, look it up.

Answer the question below:
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Ordering Party Information

*If you are not a member of the media, please visit the Court Reporter Page for information.